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The Fathers of the Church - Series and Monographs (some rare)
From the Rare Book Room (mostly)
Fathers of the Church

From the Rare Book Room (mostly)

"Whether or not Eusebius intended to become involved in theological controversies, Arius was able to bring him into Christological debates by claiming that he had practically all his fellowbishops in the East taught that God existed without a beginning while the Son did not.  Eusebius blithely informed the Syrian Bishop Euphration that this was indeed his view; he explained the Father was first and the Son second, that the Son had said, ‘The Father who sent me is greater than I’, and that he has prayed to ‘the only true God’. . . . Half a century later Athanasius still recalled his statements with distaste.” 

From Robert Grant’s Eusebius as Church Historian


1. Ancient Christian Writers. [Volumes 1-69]. The Newman Press, 1946-2015. 69 blue hardcover volumes in good to excellent condition. Volumes 1-6 & 16 have underlining, otherwise all volumes clean and bright. Most volumes in very good condition; the later volumes generally in excellent condition and with d-js.

Book # 9110414207
Price: $1,500.00 NOT IN STOCK

2. The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation, [55 Volume Set]. The Catholic University of America Press (mostly), 1947-1973 (approx.). 55 hardcover volumes in very good condition (except for volume 10 which is ex-library). Free of underlining and highlighting. This set includes volumes 2-66 but missing volumes 5, 6, 15, 21, 33, 46, 48, 57, 61, and 62.

Book # ST109
Price: $1,400.00 NOT IN STOCK

3. CYRILLUS HIEROSOLYMITANI, SANCTUS [ST. CYRIL OF JERUSALEM] (c.315-c.386). Tou en agiois patros emon Kyrillou Ierosolymon archiepiskopou ta euriskomena panta. S. Cyrilli Archiepiscopi Hierosolymitani opera quae exstant omnia, et ejus nomine circumferuntur, ad manusriptos codices nec-non ad superiores editiones castigata, dissertationibus & notis illustrata, cum nova interpretatione & copiosis indicibus. Cura & studio Domni Antonii-Augustini Touttée, presbyteri & monachi benedictini è Congregatione S. Mauri. Paris: Typis Jacobi Vincent, 1720. Folio (41.5 x 28cm), (xiv) + cclxviii cols + 472pp + (ii). Newly rebound in black cloth with gilt-lettered, red morocco label to spine. Reddened edges. Engraved headpiece depicts Cyril addressing his flock; full-plate engraving gives a plan of the Basilica of the Resurrection. Greek and Latin in parallel columns. Library stamp to title-page. Bishop of Jerusalem and Doctor of the Church, little is known about Saint Cyril of Jerusalem. Though he belonged to a semi-Arian party, his Christology is orthodox; he did not use the term consubstantial, perhaps because he thought it open to misunderstanding. Later in life, he attended the Council of Constantinople (381), and there formally accepted the doctrine of the homoousios. Edited by a Benedictine of the Maurist Congregation, Dom Antoine-Augustin Touttée (1677-1718), and published posthumously, this edition of the works of Cyril of Jerusalem was first printed at Paris in 1720, then again at Venice in 1763. Touttée also wrote three dissertations on the life, writings and doctrine of Saint Cyril, which here precede the Greek/Latin text of Cyril himself.

Book # AR1552
Price: $600.00 NOT IN STOCK

4. EUSEBIUS PAMPHILI [EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA] (c.263-c.339). De demonstratione evangelica libri decem. Quibus accessere nondum hactenus editi nec visi contra Marcellum Ancyræ Episcopum libri duo: De Ecclesiastica Theologia tres, omnia studio R.M. Latinè facta, Notis illustrata: & indicibus loco suo necessariis locupletata. Parisiis: Sumptibus Michaelis Sonnii, Sebastiani, Cramoisy, et Caroli Morelli, 1628. Folio (35.5 x 24cm), engraved title in red and black + [vi] + 548pp + 195pp + 25pp + [xiii]. Newly rebound in burgundy cloth, with gilt-lettered black morocco label to spine. Greek and Latin in parallel columns. Very good condition. These are the ten surviving books of Eusebius' De demonstratione. The first book treats of the temporary character of the Mosaic Law; the second deals with the prophecies concerning the Gentiles; the remainder treat of the prophecies concerning the Christ.

Book # AR1637
Price: $600.00 NOT IN STOCK

5. HILARIUS PICTAVORUM, SANCTUS [ST. HILARY OF POITIERS] (d. 368). Opera ad manusriptos codices gallicanos, romanos, belgicos, necnon ad veteres editiones castigata; aliquot aucta Opusculis, præviis in locos difficiles disputationibus, Præfationibus, Admonitionibus, Notis, novâ S. Confessoris vitâ, & copiosissimis Scripturarum, Rerum, Glossarum Indicibus locupletata & illustrata, studio et labore monachorum Ordinis S. Benedicti, è Congregatione S. Mauri. Parisiis: Excudebat Franciscus Muguet, 1693. This is the great Maurist edition of the works of St. Hilary, overseen by Pierre Coustant, and has been regarded as one of the finest literary productions achieved by the Maurists. Large folio (43 x 28cm), title + [vi] + lxxxii + columns lxxxiii-clxxvii + 1402 columns + [lvii]. Newly rebound in black cloth with gilt title to spine. Two finely engraved headpieces. Inscription to title-page in a fine hand, indicating the volume once belonged to the Maurist Congregation at Jumièges. Excellent condition.

Book # AR1640
Price: $750.00 NOT IN STOCK

6. IOANNES DAMASCENUS, SANCTUS [ST. JOHN DAMASCENE] (c.676-c.775). Tou en agiois patros emon Ioannou Tou Damaskenou, monachou, kai presbyterou Ierosolymon, ta euriskomena panta. Sancti patris nostri Joannis Damasceni, monachi, et presbyteri Hierosolymitani, opera omnia quae exstant, et ejus nomine circumferuntur. Ex variis editionibus, et codicibus manu exaratis, gallicanis, italicis & anglicis, collecta, recensita, latinè versa, atque annotationibus illustrata, cum praeviis dissertationibus, & copiosus indicibus. Operâ & studio P. Michaelis Lequien [2 volumes]. Paris: Apud Joannem-Baptistam Delespine, 1712. Folio (40 x 26cm). Newly rebound in maroon cloth, black morocco labels with gilt lettering laid to spines. Greek and Latin in parallel columns, printed marginal notations, and detailed critical notes at foot of pages. Ownership inscriptions to title-pages. An engraved scene from the life of the Damascene (11 x 19cm) in each volume, another engraving as head-piece to beginning of volume I. A number of decorative initials and vignettes throughout. This copy is in extremely good condition. Saint John of Damascus is regarded as the last of the Greek Fathers, or as a precursor to the Scholastics, or indeed as the first Scholastic. His 'Scientiae fons' or 'Font of Wisdom' is the first attempt at a summa theologiae that we possess. This Greek-Latin collection of the works of John of Damascus was the first published under the editorship of Michel Le Quien, O.P.; a second printing was published at Venice, 1748. It is similar to the earlier Greek-Latin edition edited by Mark Hopper and published at Basle beginning in 1548, but is much more complete. It remains the best edition. Le Quien (1661-1733) was a noted French historian and theologian, who mastered Arabic and Hebrew under Marsollier. He composed a number of learned works while he was, for most of his life, librarian at the Dominican convent at Rue St-Honoré in Paris.

Book # AR1538
Price: $1,650.00 NOT IN STOCK

7. THEODORET CYRENSIS [THEODORET OF CYRUS] (c.393-c.4, . Makariou Theodoritou episkopou Kyriou apanta. Beati Theodoreti episcopi Cyri opera omnia in quatuor tomos distributa. Quorum plurima graece, quaedam etiam Latinè nunc primùm prodeunt: Graeca cum manuscriptis exemplaribus diligenter collata, latinae versiones ad graecorum normam exactae & recognitae. Cura & studio Iacobi Sirmondi... Tomus V: cura & studio Joannis Carnerii... opus posthumum. Seriem contentorum pagina sequens exhibet. [Complete in 5 volumes]. Lutetiae Parisiorum [Paris]: Sumptibus Sebastiani Cramoisy et Gabrielis Cramoisy; Viduae Edmundi Martini & Joannis Boudot, 1642, 1684. Folio (35 x 23cm). Newly rebound in black cloth, gilt-lettered red morocco labels to spines. Previous owner's signatures and library stamps to title-pages. Greek and Latin text in parallel columns. Title-pages in black and red, with engraved printer's device. Chipping and some tears to original front and rear endpapers, v.3 lacks original ffep, piece torn off from ffep of v.2. Few worm holes. Volumes 1-4 were edited by Jacques Sirmond, S.J., published in 1642, and contain the works of Theodoret; volume 5 was edited by Jean Garnier, S.J., published in 1684, and contains supplements to the first 4 volumes, a biography of Theodoret and a dissertation 'De libris Theodoreti' (both by Garnier), additional dialogues of Theodoret, a collation by Fulvius Ursinus (1529-1600) of citations used by Theodoret, several dissertations by Garnier: 'De fide Theodoreti', 'Critica de V. Synodo Generali', 'De Theodoreti & orientalium causa'; and 'Eutherii Tyanorum Episcopi Sermones', the sermons of Bishop Eutherius of Tyana, from the first complete edition of the works of Marius Mercator, edited by Garnier in 1673. These Sermons, says Garnier, had been falsely attributed to Theodoret by the Nestorians. Theodoret was an advocate of Nestorius, who was deposed and exiled at Ephesus in 431. He urged Nestorius not to reject the expression Theotokos and, to the end of his life, held that Nestorius never taught two persons in Christ. For this stance, Theodoret found much trouble with Cyril and the Alexandrines, though he appears to have been in good standing with Rome. At the Council of Chalcedon (451) he signed the anathema against Nestorius, though probably only in the sense of condemning the heresy imputed to him. Jacques Sirmond, S.J., (1559-1651) was one of the greatest scholars of the 17th century. He published several editions of Greek and Latin Christian writings. Jean Garnier, S.J., (1612-1681) was a noted patristic scholar and moral theologian. He is known particularly for his publication of the works of Marius Mercator, the 5th century ecclesiastical writer.

Book # AR1537
Price: $1,500.00 NOT IN STOCK

Fathers of the Church

8. AMBROISE DE MILAN. Traité sur l'Évanile de S. Luc. I-II. (two volumes) [Sources chrétiennes 45 & 52]. Les Éditions du Cerf, 1956, 1958. [273pp] + [235pp]. Original wrappers in good condition. Light tanning, rubbing, and fading to spine and cover edges. Bumping to head and tail of spines. Bumping to corners of wrappers. Some scuffing to wrappers. Back wrapper of volume II creased. Light tanning and foxing to pages. Some pages uncut. Sound binding. Clean text.

Book # B007MB55JQ
Price: $60.00 NOT IN STOCK

9. AMBROSE OF MILAN, SAINT. Des heiligen Kirchenlehrers Ambrosius von Mailand. Ausgewählte Schriften aus dem Lateinischen [3 Volume Set]. Verlag der Jos. Köselschen Buchhandlung, 1914-1917. [CXXIV + 293pp] + [viii + 517pp] + [423pp] hardcover set in very good condition. Shelf-wear, scuffing, and stains. Bumping to head and tail of spines and rubbing of corners. In 1st volume, head of spine and some corners beginning to chip. Boards and spines green with decorative motifs. Page edges green. 1st and 2nd volumes with ribbon markers. Bindings sound. Owner's signature on half-title pages to 1st and 2nd volumes. Texts pristine.

Book # 9110383085
Price: $120.00 NOT IN STOCK

10. [AMBROSE, SAINT] AMBROGIO, SANT'. Opere esegetiche III. Isacco o l'anima il bene della morte[Santi Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanensis Opera 3]. Biblioteca Ambrosiana, 1982. [Santi Ambrosii Episcopi Mediolanensis Opera 3]. 466pp. Tan cloth hardcover in very good condition. Pristine boards. Boards wrapped in clear protective mylar d-j. Light fading to page edges. Publishers sticker and price sticker to back pastedown endpaper. Text enclosed in cardboard slipcase in very good condition. Crisp, clean pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 9110393722
Price: $90.00 NOT IN STOCK

11. AMBROSII, SANCTI [AMBROSE, SAINT]. Sancti Ambrosii Opera, Pars Quinta: Expositio Psalmi CXVIII [Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, Vol. LXII, Pars V]. F. Tempsky, 1913. [Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, Vol. LXII, Pars V]. XI + 538pp. Black hardcover in good condition. General shelf-wear, scuffing, and fading to extremities. Light bumping to corners of boards. Chipping to edges of spine. Ex-library with library call number written to tail of spine, library pocket to front pastedown paper, and ghost stamp to title page. Tanning to pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 9110396047
Price: $65.00 NOT IN STOCK

12. ATHENAGORAS. Legatio and De Resurrectione. [Oxford Early Christian Texts]. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1972. Very good condition hardcover with d-j. Owner's signature on front endpaper, otherwise clean. 156 pages.

Book # 0198268084
Price: $80.00 NOT IN STOCK

13. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. Against Julian. [The Fathers of the Church. Volume 35]. Fathers of the Chuch, Inc., 1957. Elegant burgundy hardcover in very good condition free of underlining and highlighting.

Book # 0813200350
Price: $40.00 NOT IN STOCK

14. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. City of God. Books VIII-XVI [The Fathers of the Church. Volume 14]. The Catholic University of America Press, 1963. Elegant burgundy hardcover in very good condition free of underlining and highlighting.

Book # B00ED501PW
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

15. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. The City of God. Books I-VII. [The Fathers of the Church. Volume 8]. Fathers of the Chuch, Inc., 1950. Elegant burgundy hardcover in good condition free of underlining and highlighting. Previous owners' markings on front endpaper. Light wear to spine. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ETIENNE GILSON.

Book # B0007FX54Q
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

16. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. The City of God. Books XVII-XXII [The Fathers of the Church series, Volume 24]. Fathers of the Church, Inc, 1954. 561pp hardcover in very good condition. Rubbing to corners and head and tail of spine. Binding tight. Top edges of initial preliminaries rough where they were once glued together. Pages tanned. Text pristine.

Book # B00LW4KVYS
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

17. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. The Immortality of the Soul; The Magnitude of the Soul; On Music; The Advantage of Believing; On Faith in Things Unseen. [The Fathers of the Church]. CIMA Publishing Co., Inc., 1947. Burgundy hardcover in good condition free of underlining and highlighting. Scuffing to corners and edges of covers and spine.

Book # 0813200040
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

18. AUGUSTINE, SAINT. Treatises on Various Subjects. [The Fathers of the Church. Volume 16]. Fathers of the Church, Inc., 1952. Elegant burgundy hardcover in very good condition free of underlining and highlighting. Light scuffing to spine.

Book # B0007GPYJ4
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

19. AZKOUL, MICHAEL. St. Gregory of Nyssa and the Tradition of the Fathers [Texts and Studies in Religion, Vol. 63]. The Edwin Mellen Press, 1995. [Texts and Studies in Religion, Vol. 63]. IX + 221pp. Hardcover in good condition. Light general wear to extremities. Previous owner's name on endpaper. Highlighting and marginalia in text. Sound binding.

Book # 0773489932
Price: $99.00 NOT IN STOCK

20. BODIN, YVON. Saint Jérôme et L'Église [Théologie Historique, 6]. Beauchesne et Ses Fils, 1966. [Théologie Historique, 6]. 382pp. Softcover original wrappers in good condition. General scuffing, tanning, and light fading to wrappers. Previous owner's name to half-title page. Extensive red-pencil underlining and marginal notations. Light tanning to pages. Sound binding.

Book # 2701000408
Price: $75.00 NOT IN STOCK

21. CYPRIAN OF CARTHAGE. The Letters of St. Cyprian of Carthage. Volume I: Letters 1-27 (Ancient Christian Writers, No. 43). Newman Press, 1984. Very good condition hardcover free of underlining and highlighting. Owner's signature on front endpaper. 345 pages.

Book # 0809103419
Price: $45.00 NOT IN STOCK

22. CYPRIAN OF CARTHAGE, SAINT. The Treatises of S. Caecilius Cyprian. Bishop of Carthage, and Martyr / The Epistles of S. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage and Martyr, with the Council of Carthage on the Baptism of Heretics; to Which are Added, The Extant Works of S. Pacian, Bishop of Barcelona [2 volumes bound as 1] [A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church]. James Parker and Co. and Rivingtons, 1876. XXXII + 318pp + xxxvi + 422pp hardcover in very good condition. 2 volumes (the treatises and the letters) bound as 1. Modest rubbing to extremities, with slight bumping to head of spine. Binding modestly stressed. Pages tanned. Dedication inscribed on preliminary page. Stamps on title pages to both volumes. Scarce marginalia. A classic of the Oxford movement.

Book # 9110410163
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

23. [EUSEBIUS],GRANT, ROBERT M. Eusebius as Church Historian. Clarendon Press, 1980. Very good condition hardcover with d-j. Owner's signature on front endpaper. 184 pages.

Book # 0198264410
Price: $30.00 NOT IN STOCK

24. GRÉGOIRE LE GRANDE [GREGORY THE GREAT, SAINT]. Dialogues. Tome III. (Livres IV) [Sources Chrétiennes, no. 265]. Les Éditions du Cerf, 1980. Large 12mo, 370pp hardcover in good condition. Very modest shelf-wear. Binding tight. Signature on flyleaf. Third of 3-volume set. Latin with French facing-page translation. Text pristine.

Book # 2204015431
Price: $75.00 NOT IN STOCK

25. GREGORY NAZIANZEN; AMBROSE. Saint Gregory Nazianzen and Saint Ambrose Funeral Orations (The Fathers of the Church, 22). Catholic University of America Press, 1968. 8vo, xxiii + 351pp. May have few interior library marks; spine clean. Texts unmarked. Excellent condition.

Book # B001FBBTNA
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

26. GUMERLOCK, FRANCIS X. Fulgentius of Ruspe on the Saving Will of God. The Development of a Sixth-Century African Bishop's Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:4 During the Semi-Pelagian Controversy. The Edwin Mellen Press, 2009. VII + 220pp. Purple cloth hardcover in very good condition. Light scuffing and fading to extremities. Spine ever so slightly cocked. Crisp, clean pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 0773449353
Price: $190.00 NOT IN STOCK

27. HABERMEHL, PETER. Perpetua und der Ägypter. Oder Bilder des Bösen im frühen afrikanischen Christentum. Ein Versuch zur Passio sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis. Akademie Verlag, 1992. 280pp hardcover in good condition. General scuffing and shelf-wear. Bumped corners and head and tail of spine. Foxing to top fore-edge. Binding solid. Text pristine.

Book # 3050019980
Price: $180.00 NOT IN STOCK

28. IRÉNÉE DE LYON [SAINT IRENAEUS OF LYON]. Contre les hérésies. Livre V. Tome II. Texte et traduction. Les Éditions du Cerf, 1969. 472pp softcover in good condition. Lower front corner slightly bumped. Modest crease to back cover, and rubbed corners. Bumping to tail of spine next to back cover, and slight bumping to head of spine. Two slight indentations to back cover as well. Binding very tight. Text pristine.

Book # 2204034274
Price: $60.00 NOT IN STOCK

29. [JEROME, SAINT], SCHECK, THOMAS P., trans. St. Jerome's Commentaries on Galatians, Titus, and Philemon. University of Notre Dame Press, 2010. XII + 416pp. Softcover in very good condition. Crisp, clean pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 0268041334
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

30. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, SAINT. The Homilies of S. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, on the Statues, or the the People of Antioch, Translated, with Notes and Indices. Oxford: John Henry Parker, 1842. 'A Library of the Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church, Anterior to the Division of the East and West. Translated by Members of the English Church.' 8vo, xxxii + 400pp + approx. 30pp. Beautifully rebound in black buckram with gilt lettering to spine. Light browning to paper. Some pages unopened.

Book # PAT1584
Price: $45.00 NOT IN STOCK

31. MICHAÉLIDÈS, DIMITRI. Sacramentum chez Tertullien. Études Augustiniennes, 1970. 388pp. Original wrappers in very good condition. Clean text. Untrimmed page edges. Previous owner's name on end paper.

Book # 9110221816
Price: $75.00 NOT IN STOCK

32. NOVATIAN. The Trinity, The Spectacles, Jewish Foods, In Praise of Purity, Letters [The Fathers of the Church. A New Translation]. The Catholic University of America Press, 1974. X + 231pp. Hardcover with d-j in excellent condition. Light rubbing, fading, and scuffing to d-j. Light fading to pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 0813200679
Price: $49.00 NOT IN STOCK

33. ORIGÈNE. Homélies sur l'Exode [Sources Chrétiennes, no. 321]. Éditions du Cerf, 1985. 485pp hardcover in very good condition. Moderate soiling to boards and spine. Binding slightly cocked, otherwise very tight. Final pages unopened. Library stamp on title page. Text pristine.

Book # 2204024566
Price: $60.00 NOT IN STOCK

34. ORIGÈNE [Origen]. Contre Celse. Tome II. (Livres III et IV). Introduction, texte critique, traduction et notes. Les Éditions du Cerf, 1968. 438pp softcover in excellent condition. Slight bumping to lower back corner. Slight rubbing of other corners. Very slight shelf-wear. Binding very tight. Text pristine.

Book # 2204034215
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

35. PEETERS, RENÉ. La doctrine du mariage dans les ecrits de Tertullien de Carthage. Pontificia Universitas Lateranensis, 1970. 4to, lix + 302pp. Hardcover in very good condition. Light general wear to extremities. Tail of spine superficially scuffed. Clean text. Tight binding.

Book # 9110215565
Price: $129.00 NOT IN STOCK

36. PSEUDO-ATHANASIUS; ELIZABETH BRYSON BONGIE, trans. The Life and Regimen of The Blessed and Holy Syncletica [Peregrina Translations Series, no. 21]. Peregrina Publishing Co, 1999. 1999 printing. 'Peregrina Translations Series, no. 21'. 90pp. Frontispiece, b/w. Softcover in good condition. General scuffing and fading to extremities. Wrappers to spine edges beginning to crinkle. Ex-library with library call-number sticker to tail of spine and library pocket to inside of back cover. Crisp, clean pages. Tight binding. Clean text.

Book # 0920669468
Price: $65.00 NOT IN STOCK