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New Arrivals - Anglican Missal, Canon Law, Jedin, Holy Smells and more
This Week's Highlights
New Arrival Miscellany

This Week's Highlights

“That mysterious sense of smell with which pious souls perceive and follow the divine fragrance, is one of the five spiritual senses that are so sublimely described to us by Origen, St. Albert the Great and St. Bonaventure, and with which the beauty of God is to some extent glimpsed here below, in this experimental science that is proper to mystical life.”

Fr. Arintero, O.P. in The Song of Songs


1. Rituale Romanum Pauli V Pontificus Maximi . . . Editio Post Typicam. Typis Alfredi Mame et Filiorum, 1925. Very good condition hand-sized black leather ritual book. Beautiful gilt edges and tight binding. Marker ribbon included, but with frayed end. Owner's signature on prelim, otherwise all pages clean and unmarked. 710 pages.

Book # B000GV0OFO
Price: $110.00 NOT IN STOCK

2. JEDIN, HUBERT, ed. History of the Church. [10 Vols. Complete]. Crossroad, 1989-1990. 10 very good condition black hardcover volumes, most of them with d-js in good condition. Volume IV lacks d-j. Owner's signature on front endpaper of volume II, otherwise ALL pages clean and unmarked throughout all volumes.

Book # B000QA77UA
Price: $800.00 NOT IN STOCK

3. PALAU, FRANCISCO. Writings. Editorial Monte Carmelo, 2006. Very good condition hardcover with d-j in good condition. Edgewear to d-j, but still bright. All pages clean and unmarked. 1686 pages.

Book # 8472399958
Price: $120.00 NOT IN STOCK

4. PARSCH, PIUS. The Church's Year of Grace. [Five Volume Boxed Set]. The Liturgical Press, 1962. 5 vinyl hardcover volumes in good condition with slipcase. Slipcase in fair condition. Owner's bookplate on front endpaper of volume IV, otherwise all pages clean and unmarked. Pages separated from backing between pages 408 and 409 of volume III, but still attached.

Book # B00J9TS5TQ
Price: $100.00 NOT IN STOCK

5. TANQUEREY. AD. A Manual of Dogmatic Theology. [2 Volume Set]. Desclee Company, 1959. 2 very good condition blue hardcovers. All pages clean and unmarked. A sturdy handsome set of books.

Book # B06W5RY4W8
Price: $180.00 NOT IN STOCK

New Arrival Miscellany

6. Liturgical Readings. The Lessons of the Temporal Cycle and the Principal Feasts of the Sanctoral Cycle According to the Monastic Breviary. A Grail Publication, 1954. Good condition hardcover. Minor marginalia on two index pages, otherwise all pages clean and unmarked. 568 pages.

Book # B002BJUGIE
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

7. Missale Romanum cum Lectionibus. II. Tempus Quadragesimae - Tempus Paschale. Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1977. Good condition, hand-sized hardcover. Front hinge weak, but still attached. Marker ribbons included, but with frayed ends. Owner's ink signature on front endpaper, otherwise all pages clean and unmarked. 1932 pages.

Book # B0041EU9WU
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

8. The Anglican Missal in the American Edition. Frank Gavin Liturgical Foundation of Mount Sinai, 1947. Fair condition altar-sized red hardcover. Joints reinforced with tape and yet, rear joint separated. 2 inch tear to top of spine. Ink inscriptions on front endpapers, otherwise pages clean and unmarked. Thumb tabs and marker ribbons present. A good study copy but not for liturgical use unless rebound.

Book # 9110416552
Price: $120.00 NOT IN STOCK

9. The Catholic Family Book of Novenas. Selected and then Illustrated. Roman Catholic Books, ?. Very good condition softcover. All pages clean and unmarked. Reprint of 1956 printing. 371 pages.

Book # 0912141204
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

10. ARINTERO, JUAN GONZÁLEZ, O.P. The Song of Songs. A Mystical Exposition. Tan Books, 1974. Good condition softcover. Spine creased but all pages clean and unmarked. 571 pages.

Book # 0895553821
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

11. ATHANASIUS, SAINT. The Festal Epistles of S. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Translated from the Syriac, With Notes and Indices. John Henry Parker, 1854. Very good condition rebound hardcover preserving original cloth where possible. Pages clean and unmarked. 163 pages.

Book # B003NFE20I
Price: $35.00 NOT IN STOCK

12. [CLARET, SAINT ANTHONY]. Novena with an Abridgment of the life of Blessed Anthony M. Claret. 2nd Edition. The Claretian Press, 1941. Very good condition 28 page pamphlet. Pages clean and unmarked. Light wear to cover corners.

Book # 911041682X
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

13. DAVIES, MICHAEL. Cranmer's Godly Order. The Destruction of Catholicism through Liturgical Change. Roman Catholic Books, 1995. Very good condition hardcover. Light wear to covers and spine but binding tight. All pages clean and unmarked. 372 pages.

Book # 1912141247
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

14. DAVIES, MICHAEL. Pope John's Council. Angelus Press, 2007. Very good condition hardcover. Light wear to covers, but all pages clean and unmarked. 480 pages.

Book # 1892331365
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

15. DAVIES, MICHAEL. Pope Paul's New Mass. Angelus Press, 2009. Very good condition hardcover. Light wear to covers and spine, but binding tight. All pages clean and unmarked. 714 pages.

Book # 189233173X
Price: $80.00 NOT IN STOCK

16. FESTENBERG-PAKISCH, WILHELM VON, S.J. The History of SS. Peter and Paul's Parish Mankato, Minnesota 1854-1899. Mankato Post, 1999. Good condition softcover. Tight binding. All pages clean and unmarked. 139 pages.

Book # B0040MZP7C
Price: $40.00 NOT IN STOCK

17. HAYDOCK, GEORGE LEO. The Douay-Rheims New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. With a Comprehensive Catholic Commentary. Catholic Treasures, 2000. Oversize new condition red softcover. Still in shrinkwrap.

Book # 0962099430
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

18. HAYDOCK, GEORGE LEO. The Old Testament of the Holy Catholic Bible. With a Comprehensive Catholic Commentary. Catholic Treasures, 1992. Very good condition oversize red softcover. Pages clean and unmarked.

Book # 0962099449
Price: $70.00 NOT IN STOCK

19. JOHN CLIMACUS. The Ladder of Divine Ascent. Paulist Press, 1982. Excellent condition hardcover. 301 pages.

Book # 0809103125
Price: $40.00 NOT IN STOCK

20. MARITAIN, JACQUES. The Degrees of Knowledge. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1938. Good condition library bound hardcover. Typical ex-library markings. Few notations scattered throughout text. 475 pages.

Book # B00085ILVM
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

21. MARMION, D. COLUMBA. Christ the Life of the Soul. Spiritual Conferences. B. Herder Book Co., 1925. Good condition hardcover. D-j missing, but binding tight. Owner's ink signature on front endpaper, otherwise pages clean and unmarked. A few pages have small (less than 1 inch) tears. 380 pages.

Book # B000J2P07M
Price: $25.00 NOT IN STOCK

22. [NERINCKX, CHARLES], MAGARET, HELENE. Giant in the Wilderness. A Biography of Father Charles Nerinckx. The Bruce Publishing Company, 1952. Good condition green hardcover with d-j in fair condition. Pages clean and unmarked. 200 pages.

Book # B0007EE708
Price: $30.00 NOT IN STOCK

23. O'CONNOR, JAMES I., S.J. The Canon Law Digest. Volume VII. Canon Law Digest, 1975. Very good hardcover. Binding tight and all pages clean and unmarked. 1072 pages.

Book # B0026ZBFLU
Price: $50.00 NOT IN STOCK

24. O'CONNOR, JAMES I., S.J. The Canon Law Digest. Volume VIII. Canon Law Digest, 1978. Good condition hardcover. Strong binding. First 20 pages tipped in at a slightly offset angle. However, all pages clean and unmarked. 1289 pages.

Book # B0026ZCLYK
Price: $60.00 NOT IN STOCK

25. TERESA OF THE ANDES, SAINT. Letters of Saint Teresa of the Andes. Teresian Charism Press, 1994. Excellent condition softcover. 383 pages.

Book # B0006RFTJY
Price: $60.00 NOT IN STOCK