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Moving FAQ


1. Why is Loome Theological Booksellers moving (again)?

The short answer is that rent is going up dramatically at the Claret Farm location and, rather than put more money towards higher rent, we'd rather keep the rent the same (or lower!) and keep spending money to acquire good books.

Do we want to be moving again within 5 years of our last move?  No.  However, we are very excited to be moving the bookstore back into the beautiful small town of Stillwater!


2. Where is the new location of Loome Theological Booksellers?

For now, we can tell you that the new location is in the heart of downtown Stillwater.  We can also tell you, it is NOT the old Swedish Covenant Church building.  That building is currently occupied by a family as their home.


3. When will the new location be open for business?

We're aiming to open for business at the downtown location in late July.  We are currently closed at our current location during the move.


4. Is the new location as big?

 No, it is not.

The majority of the books at Loome Theological Booksellers are multiple copies or 25 year-old inventory that is readily available very cheaply through the online used book market.  We are taking the opportunity during this move to sell and donate this old and cheap inventory which happens to be the majority of our holdings.  Therefore, we will have fewer books at the new location but the same depth and variety of titles.  We are taking with us favorite authors and subjects and rare books.  We are leaving behind the common readily available books nobody has bought for 25 years.


5. How can I help out with the move?

Send an email to with the subject line “moving help” and we’ll let you know how you can help.  Please keep in mind that helping us move will be a physically demanding chore; please expect to lift 40 lb boxes multiple times.


 6. What if I have questions about the move that aren't answered here?

Please send your general concerns, thoughts and questions by email to  Or, contact Christopher Hagen, the proprietor, directly at


Last updated May 29, 2017



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