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Some suggestions for purchasing our books:


  1. By visiting our premises in person:
    We are located in Stillwater, MN, 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul and 40 minutes from the St. Paul-Minneapolis International Airport and ten minutes north of Hwy 94. Stillwater is a small historic city on the St. Croix River, with perhaps 18,000 inhabitants, and boast lots of unique restaurants and as many as a dozen antique shops. In recent years, as well, many pleasant bike trails were built in and around the beautiful St. Croix Valley and downtown Stillwater. There is ample parking behind the bookstore (yes, we do have a rear entrance) and some on-street parking near the front of the bookstore on Main Street.
  2. From our website:
    We are continually adding books to our online catalog. Every week you can find more of our books for purchase directly through our website.

  3. By telephone:
    Please call us anytime to ask about specifc books or collections. Although we may not have the title in stock, we can often point you in a helpful direction.

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