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    The Henry Chadwick Collection      


The History and Scope of the Collection 

Henry Chadwick, patristics scholar of both the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, acquired the most comprehensive, scholarly, and diverse patristic and ecclesiastical history collection ever seen by Loome Theological Booksellers.  Chadwick's scholarly mind and desire for truth is evident in the sheer weight of scholarship in the collection, which he acquired over a lifetime of book hunting throughout Europe.  This collection includes works dating from the 16th century to the present day.  Modern university press monographs mingle with obscure greek theological works. Also contained in the collection are the private papers of Henry Chadwick, including his personal correspondence with international academics and religious figures from the mid-20th century onwards.

The collection is in good condition, housed in the Chadwick family home in Oxford and had remained unseen until Loome Theological Booksellers visited in November 2011.  This is a personal library and has not yet been cataloged or organized.  It contains roughly 15,000 volumes and 25-30 large boxes of personal papers.  Please see below for a brief list of some of the contents of the collection.

Serious parties may inquire for pricing and tour of this finest of academic collections.  Please contact Christopher Hagen at 651-430-1092 or 


  Sir Henry Chadwick
Sir Henry Chadwick was a scholar of international repute and influence, principally in the field of patristics.  He challenged students and enlightened scholars through a long and distinguished career.  Archbishop Rowan Williams wrote of him, "The Anglican church . . . may not have a Pope, but it does have Henry Chadwick." For more about Sir Henry Chadwick, read his obituary here: 


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In addition to the expected standard reference works in the field and myriads of academic monographs, texts in Latin, Greek, Coptic, French, Syriac, and Arabic, the collection also includes:


Hesychii alexandrini lexicon


Rituale Romanum. 1757. 2 vols.


BARBARO, DANIELLO (Editor). Aurea in quinquaginta Davidicos Psalmos doctorum Graecorum catena. Venice: G. Caballis, 1569.


BELLARMINE, ROBERT. Disputationum . . . De controuersiis Christianæ fidei, aduersus huius temporis hæreticos. Rome, 1832. 6 vols.


BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX. Life and Works of Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux. London: John Hodges, 1889-1896. 4 vols.


BRAMHALL, JOHN. The Works of the Most Reverence Father in God, John Bramhall D.D. Late Lord Bishop of Ardmagh. Dublin: Benhamin Tooke, 1677.


CALVIN, JEAN. Opera omni. Amsterdam: JJ Schipperi, 1667-1671. 9 vols.


CRAMER. Catenae graecorum patrum


D'ALES. Dictionnaire Apologétique de la Foi Catholique


ERASMUS. New Testament . . . Paraphrases. Rotterdam: Peter Vander, 1706. Folio. Bound in vellum.


GANZER, KLAUS. Concilium Tridentinum : diariorum, actorum, epistularum, tractatuum nova collectio


JONES, A.H.M. Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire. Cambridge: University of Cambridge Press, 1971-1992. Vols 1 - 3ii.


LABBE, PHILIPPE (Editor). Sacrosancta concilia ad regiam. Venice: Hieron & Fils, 1731.


MELANCHTON, PHILIPPUS. Corpus doctrinae Christianae. Lipsiae, 1560. 1st edition


MIGNE, J.P. Patrologiae cursus completus. Greek series. Approx. 100 vols.


MIGNE, J.P. Patrologiae cursus completus. Latin series. Approx. 100 vols.


NEWMAN, JOHN HENRY. London: Lumley. Complete works. 35 vols.




ROSWEYDE, HERIBERT. Vitae patrum. 1615. 1st edition.


SARPI. History of the Council of Trent


VACANT, ALFRED, ET AL (Editors). Dictionnaire de théologie catholique. Paris: Letouzey et Ané, 1903-1946. 15 vols.


Since the collection has not yet been cataloged or organized there are many more details of the collection that cannot be conveyed through this webpage.  Please inquire for more information.


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