Appraisal Services

As an experienced book dealer, we are able to perform professional appraisals for a single book or for an entire library.  An appraisal will provide you with an estimate of the monetary value of your book(s) for the purposes of sale, insurance, taxation, or estate needs.  Loome Theological Booksellers (LTB) offers two distinct appraisal services:

Letter of appraisal for one book:

Receive a signed letter of appraisal which (1) describes the book in detail, (2) gives current replacement value, (3) reports the scarcity of the book on the second hand market, and (4) reports the availability of copies in libraries worldwide. Preparation time for a letter of appraisal is one week or less.

Cost = $40  

Appraisal report for a library/collection:

Receive a report of the library/collection which (1) explains the provenance of the collection, (2) gives the size of the collection, (3) states the subject matter of the collection, (4) notes the most expensive individual items and/or highlights of the collection with color pictures, (5) provides an overview of the significance of the collection for academia, and (6) gives a replacement value.

Cost = $100 per hour (billed at 15 minute increments) including travel time or expenses.


Appraisals for tax purposes done according to the guidelines of IRS Pub. 561

Loome Theological Booksellers (LTB), before taking on an appraisal, will do its best to inform the requestor (of the appraisal) of the likelihood of an appraisal being worthwhile (given the potential value of the book or collection) and the possible time (thus cost) involved in making the appraisal. Nonetheless, it must be understood that LTB cannot know with certitude, in advance of an actual appraisal, just how long an appraisal will take and just how much the book(s) will be worth.

In nearly all cases, the professional bookman at LTB must have his hands on the physical book in order to make a proper appraisal. Shipping costs to and from LTB, as well as any insurance or related costs fall to the requestor.

When an appraisal is done on a collection or library the travel time to and from the bookstore is also billed at the $100/rate.  Additional travel expenses (accomodations, airfare, gas, etc.) are billed at cost.

Any questions or requests regarding appraisals should be directed to:

Christopher J. Hagen