Bookstore Closed Permanently

Monday, Mar 18, 2019 5:15 AM

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Loome Booksellers is permanently closed. After a lengthy fight to keep the doors open, the day came when the debt burden simply became too great for the business to bear. As a consequence, our bank has a right to all the assets of the business. Just last week, I signed all of the bookstore's inventory and other assets over to our bank. I regret that this means Loome Booksellers cannot honor outstanding gift certificates or any store credit. This abrupt closure was not the path I planned to take, but the decision was not mine to make.

What will happen to all the good books?

The bank is offering a one-time sale of all the inventory. The price is $40,000 or best offer, due by Friday, March 22nd with the removal of all inventory before the end of April when a new tenant moves into the location. Serious inquirers, please see more information here.

My family appreciates your prayers and support during this time when we transition from bookselling to whatever God has in store for us next, which has not yet been revealed to us! If it is something that you would like to do, financial gifts to help us during this transition time would be appreciated. Therefore, going forward, the bookstore's Go Fund Me Campaign monies will now go directly to the Hagen family. You can leave a gift here.

With hope and gratitude,

Christopher Hagen, Former Proprietor of Loome Booksellers