Selling Your Books

If you have books to sell, please email or phone us at 651-430-1092 with the following information ready:

  • photographs of the books (2-3 shelves per picture such that the spines of the books are visible) OR a list of the books (author/title/ISBN).
  • the location of the books OR your plan to bring them to the store in Stillwater
  • deadline by which you need to sell or move out the books

Always call ahead before you bring books to the store as occasionally the book buyer is not at the store Monday through Friday and is RARELY at the store on Saturdays.

Historically we have traveled extensively throughout North America to purchase books. These days however, unless there is a very large collection (5000 or more titles) we can usually work with pictures of your books and the US Postal Service to purchase your books.

  • We always pay the postage costs when we buy books from you.
  • Unless the books are very valuable it is often not worth the postage to sell to us less than 20 volumes at a time when they need to be shipped to the bookstore.